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How Can Living In An Aged Care Facility Improve Mental Health?

Aged Care Christchurch

As we age, we get to experience some great joys. We may become closer with family members, spend time with grandchildren, and have the space to finally pursue hobbies and interests we may have put on hold during our working lives. 

There are challenges at every stage of life, and senior life can also throw us some extra curveballs, so it pays to be somewhere you can count on support, guidance and a little additional help from time to time. Some of these challenges can involve physical health, and some senior mental health.

There is a retirement village that Christchurch residents are finding provides some great benefits when it comes to senior mental health. The Russley Village retirement home in Burnside has facilities which include care suites with luxury touches and thoughtful design. 

These restful spaces include excellent medical care always on call, and our retirement residents also have access to lots of activities that can really make a difference in keeping on track with mood, perspective or other mental health challenges that may come up from time to time.

Encourage personal identity and growth

Seniors who may be struggling with coming to terms with shifting identity due to retirement or the loss of a partner can find comfort with us. At the rest home Christchurch residents turn to for security, companionship and to rebuild a sense of self, there is a wide range of activities that will aid in encouraging personal identity and growth. Senior living can be a fruitful and expansive period if approached the right way, and the friendly team at Russley Village are here to follow your lead and support you by providing enhancements in care that work for you.

If you are struggling with the adjustments required to settle into your next phase, at our Burnside retirement home’s luxury accommodation, there is help at hand - just ask.

Social interactions

As we age, it can be tempting to let aches and pains stop us from enjoying activities we love, or from socialising as much as we used to. Senior mental health challenges often arise from the feeling of isolation that can occur as the landscape of our lives shifts, and it’s important to remember that being around people over the course of the day can actually have huge mental health benefits. A major advantage of living at our retirement village facility is the fact that you can always find some company.

Meaningful activities with like-minded residents

Along with an onsite pamper space that provides lots of soothing and invigorating grooming and treatments, Russley Village has a cafe where you can meet old friends and new. We also offer a range of meaningful activities that can add some joy and connection to your day.

There are bowling and croquet lawns, a dedicated art space to paint or craft, a pool to join in with aquatic exercise classes, and a gymnasium that provides yoga for mindfulness. Our residents enjoy outings to local events, and you can join a group for a dance lesson, or find a quiet space in the reading room or library to chat or read.

Staff help to track/log mood

In addition to all the care facilities at the rest home Christchurch prefers, you have a supportive team on hand to help you understand where you are at. Senior mental health challenges can be tracked as part of a daily routine, so you can figure out what is working for you and make adjustments accordingly.

Get in touch

If you are interested in discovering more about the ways Russley Village can help with senior mental health challenges, get in touch.

Our luxury retirement village has all of the facilities you need for a mindful, meaningful lifestyle in your later years.

Contact us for a tour, or have a chat with our helpful staff.


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