The Russley Village The Reassurance of Quality

Welcome to our village. We have worked hard to create something very special here. A place where the comfortable and familiar blend with the new and rewarding.   

When planning The Russley, we didn't so much have in mind a traditional retirement village - we were thinking more about a real village. Perhaps like those small memorable villages you might have experienced on your travels. We started with the location.

Like any good village, we wanted to be close enough to the heart of things for friends and family to easily drop in, but we also wanted space and calm with great gardens and a real sense of interest and intrigue.

The perfect spot was a precious and irreplaceable eight acres in the northwest of Christchurch.

From there we were determined that our premium design, construction, layout and facilities would be what the village is known for. Every step we took was to ensure our future residents would have the reassurance of quality.

The result is something we are enormously proud of.

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A comprehensive range of care

A comprehensive range of care

The reassurance of support as and when needed. Everyone’s needs are different. And most peoples’ needs also change as they get older. That’s why at The Russley Village we believe one of the most important and reassuring promises we can make is the consistency and comfort of care as a resident’s needs might change. Our people and our amenities ensure that a transition from perhaps a villa to an apartment or a care suite can be arranged seamlessly, as and when needed and with a full understanding and anticipation of individual requirements.

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