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Cambodia is a treasured jewel in South East Asia’s crown. Like any of its counterparts, this developing country’s social infrastructure is fledgling. While its sense of community is strong, there are areas where external support is greatly needed and valued.

Kim Khat, originally from Cambodia - now a proud resident of New Zealand and an employee at The Russley Village - knows this better than anyone. He is rightly proud of his motherland but a visit back home reminded him there is so much work to be done so children receive the best education possible.

“The condition of the schools over there is really bad, and when I went home to visit, I knew I wanted to make a difference for the children. I was thrilled to get so much support from the residents at The Russley Village to help me realise this dream.

“I held a raffle as a fundraiser. We had lovely gift baskets and many residents bought the $2 raffle tickets while others gave donations. In total, we raised $1300.”

Kim was justly very proud of the achievement and all proceeds were committed to buying and supplying children in Cambodia with stationery - something considered an asset and luxury to pupils trying to seek an education in impoverished conditions.

“These children’s parents cannot afford to provide them with this, so we are proud to be able to make a difference in their lives.”


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