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Meet the Artists of Arts Canterbury - Esther Gane

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Since joining Arts Canterbury I have exhibited at many of local Exhibitions. I enjoy being part of them because not only is it a chance to sell my art, it also serves as a great opportunity to catch up with fellow artists and meet new people.

Animals are my favourite subjects and I come from a farming background, hence my passion for portraying their likenesses and personalities. Equines are my most favoured, particularly horses and zebras but I also portray many other species.

I’ve always dabbled in art most of my life from a very young age, but it wasn’t until I retired that I have the time to devote to art. After a busy work life, it’s been a pleasure to finally have that time.

I guess my art style tends towards realism as I work from photos. It’s always a challenge to produce an artwork that often requires much detail.

My favourite artwork is that of a gorilla, a very powerful animal which has a very challenging stare.


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