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Meet the Artists of Arts Canterbury - Elizabeth Rosa

Russley Events

I haven't exhibited at the Russley Show before but have exhibited at quite a few other art shows and Arts Canterbury events – I’m looking forward to it!

I was always interested in art when I was younger, but actually studied to be an engineer, so I have a master’s degree in engineering. I didn't do art for quite a few years while I was studying or in my first years working. I got back into painting about five years ago and have been doing it a lot since then!

I often draw inspiration from the wildlife and landscapes in Aotearoa. My paintings try to capture a moment in time, a second of stillness before you can imagine nature pulling the scene into its next iteration. Whether the subject be our native birds or the captivating sky and ocean, I aim to give you a minute to appreciate the ever-changing beauty of the country we live in. My past work portrays the abundance of colour and light found in our native fauna and flora.

More recently, I have been seeking new inspirations to guide my work. In my latest paintings of highly colourful women in flower crowns, I've drawn on iconic artists of the 20th century: Henri Matisse and Frida Kahlo. Like Matisse, I create shapes with bold colours, and expressive lines. And, like Kahlo, I wanted to explore the female form and the more severe emotions that come with it. 

As for my style, it’s still developing for sure. I like to just go where my heart takes me for creating paintings – maybe one day after much more practice I’ll have a more defined style. My favourite painting is usually the last one I completed, although I love the more colourful works I’ve created – which is most of them!


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