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Meet the Artists of Arts Canterbury - Dave Shepherd

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As a Christchurch-based photographer, Dave Shepherd considers himself spoilt for choice, with beautiful vistas and stunning backdrops right here on our Cantabrian doorstep and it’s where he draws much of his inspiration from.

“I enjoy capturing a variety of subjects, in particular those that showcase the beauty of creation,” he says.

“My photographic work includes landscape scenes, flora and fauna, buildings and rustic objects.”

While he admits his art teacher at high school had never held out much hope for him artistically, Dave discovered a keen interest in photography while in his teens. “This interest was rekindled in my 50s through the advent of the digital camera and the opportunities I had to travel within New Zealand, both privately and with my work,” he says.

“Seeing such great scenery as I traveled around and looking at how others were capturing this in their photos, along with encouragement from family and friends, helped me to develop my interest in art and foster my passion for photography.”

He’s since published his own book ‘Snapshots on life’ featuring his work, which is largely inspired by the beauty of nature. “I find trying to do justice to a particular scene inspires me. I really value the opportunity to be creative, get out and about (exercise with a clear purpose) and to focus on the beauty of creation. In turn, I get a real buzz when I end up with a high quality photo that I can share with others.” 

Excited about the opportunity to exhibit his work and interact with the public and fellow artists, Dave is looking forward to the upcoming Arts Canterbury exhibition. “Having a high quality venue and supportive staff and residents, such as at The Russley Village, makes it even more special!” he says.

Catch the exhibition for yourself at The Russley Village, 73 Roydvale Avenue, Burnside on the 7th and 8th May.


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