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Making a stylish splash

Russley Village

The Russley Homestead grand opening on Friday 9 December 2016 marked a considerable milestone in an impressive development journey.  A year on, another striking asset to the village has made a stylish splash – the new swimming complex, a beautiful, temperature‚Äëcontrolled environment.  The centrepiece is, of course, a gorgeous 15 metre long by 9 metre wide pool – a very comfortable 28 degrees in temperature – with a hot pool at the end for a warm down or relaxing dip which is a lush 37 degrees. 

Open from 5.30am every morning and closed at 9pm each night, the facility is well frequented by residents and their families who are welcome to visit as guests. Russley Village Manager Wayne Thompson says, “We’ve seen that our busiest time to date is over the Christmas period of December to January with the grandkids visiting and wanting to have a splash. Between the hours of 11.30am‚Äë2pm it is open for people to swim and exercise.  “We hold two aerobics classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. One is a light exercise for those that don’t want to do a heavier workout. Both are fitness appropriate.

In the future, when we open the Ashley Suites Care Facility, some of those residents may be able to use it for wellbeing and rehabilitation. It is a great space for aqua jogging and swimming.  We have an 84‚Äëyear‚Äëold resident who swims 60 lengths, three times a week.  Age truly is just a number.”  Residents who would like to rest and enjoy the atmosphere can do so from the beautiful rattan furniture featuring Ralph Lauren accents.


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