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Ashley Suites: Delivering Positive Clinical Outcomes for Residents

Russley Village

The award-winning care facility at The Russley Village in Christchurch is delivering positive clinical outcomes for residents, with its considered environment, elegant design, and a refreshed approach to residential aged care.

The upscale Ashley Suites won the prestigious Jackson Van Interiors Built and Grown Environment Award at the recent NZACA/EBOS Excellence in Care Awards. The event was held at the New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA) and Retirement Villages Association (RVA) joint Summit. Completed in 2019, the beautiful 44-suite residence provides rest home and hospital level care, with a focus on the luxury end of retirement living. The award recognised the exceptional care offering and environment of the facility, which is reflected in the resident’s wellbeing.

Dr Hammond Williamson, the facility’s dedicated general practitioner, says the environment has a significant effect – particularly on new residents – both physically and emotionally.

“These factors have a major impact on their lives, specifically with incidences of depression."

The Russley Village has made tremendous changes to the way residents adapt to and live in their new surroundings.” The Ashley Suites was designed with spaciousness in mind, from the residents’ own private suite to the communal areas, and the stunning architecture has been seamlessly integrated with the broader village. Health Services Manager Peter Palparan says the generous space allows flexible, tailored care. “It offers the opportunity for residents to personalise their own suite, whether they want to bring in their own bed from home or the special Lazy Boy chair they’ve had for years, we want them to feel as comfortable and ‘at home’ as possible.”

Peter says while the physical environment is important to the resident’s wellbeing, the service they receive and freedom to make their own decisions is fundamental.

“Our residents can run their own care, whether they want to leave the facility and go out for the day, or enjoy our inhouse amenities, such as the swimming pool, cinema, hair salon, gardens or bowling green. While other facilities are quite regimented and have set schedules for everything, our residents have the flexibility to do what they choose and when, with our support and care.”

This approach enhances a resident’s feeling of independence, freedom and choice, which are major components essential to health and wellbeing. After an initial mental health assessment upon moving into the Ashley Suites facility, around 50 to 70 percent of depression rates have been alleviated three weeks later. “People come here, and they flourish. We had one resident who was end-of-life when she was given a three-month life expectancy and transferred here from hospital. She loved it here and ended up living for another year and a half."

Moving into a care facility is a huge life transition and Peter says its rewarding seeing residents thriving at The Russley Village.

“We are here to support people and I enjoy making a difference in their lives, seeing them flourish makes me happy and we tell them, you are here to retire, relax and enjoy!”


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