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Artist Profile - Ruth Reid

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Magnificent Mother Nature

When Ruth Reid stands before her easel, she creates a unique outcome every time but her aspiration is consistent - to pay homage to Mother Nature through her stunning landscapes.

Her foray into the arts could aptly be described as a silver lining following the Canterbury earthquakes. “I come from a professional teaching background. After the earthquakes, I decided I wasn’t going back to that and I got busy doing something I really wanted to have a go at - art. I worked hard and honed my skills. I'm a New Zealand born artist; passionate about painting, exploring, sharing and preserving wilderness areas.”

As a skier and tramper, Ruth regularly embarks on new adventures, exploring the remote areas of the mountains and bush. She is captivated by New Zealand’s infinite inspiration.

Ruth’s dedication to finding many new sources of inspiration results in countless beautiful depictions of Aotearoa’s stunning landscapes which she interprets and reimagines through the medium of oils. “This is my medium of choice but I love pastels too. I often choose to do panoramic landscapes.”

Ruth is a proud member of Arts Canterbury as well as Southern Lights Gallery, a temporary shop that has activated in Northlands Mall that she pioneered in partnership with four other artists. “It is so uplifting and encouraging as a space. We are very proud of our gallery and people that visit are wowed by what we are doing.”

Ruth’s artwork is exhibited both throughout New Zealand (including our Parliament buildings) and internationally (New York and Venice).

To choose your own very special piece by Ruth Reid, or simply explore and enjoy the other beautiful pieces on display, visit the The Russley Village during the exhibition - 73 Roydvale Avenue, Burnside.


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