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What To Check Before Choosing a Retirement Village

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Once you have decided you are ready to look for the perfect retirement village, it pays to have some idea of what you might expect not all retirement villages are created equal.

The team at our retirement village in Burnside have compiled a list of the things you should be asking for when you look for somewhere to settle down and enjoy your retirement. Read on to discover the essentials you should enquire about when you begin to work towards this important transition.

What’s Your Preference: Apartments or Villas?

At our retirement village in Burnside, residents can choose between villas, terraced houses, or apartments. Each has its own unique advantage, and our award-winning gardens surround all. 

Whether you prefer a villa or an apartment at the Russley Village, you can expect that your new home will include a designer kitchen with high-quality appliances and a bathroom with a few extra features that enhance safety and stability without compromising on style.

Understand All Fees and Charges

Christchurch retirement villages have variable fees and charges, and it's important that you deal with a team that guarantees total transparency regarding the costs you will incur, the options and upgrades available, and any ongoing fees that you will be charged.

At Russley Village, potential retirement village residents are able to find out more about the fees and charges involved by enquiring with the sales manager. She can outline the three costs that are involved in accessing your new lifestyle.

These costs breakdown into the Entry Payment, the Village Contribution and your Weekly Fees. Entry (also called ORA) is the capital sum you pay for your apartment, villa, or terraced house. This is refunded to your estate less the value of the Village contribution.

The Village Contribution covers upgrades, refurbishments, and replacements, and facilities costs, which is sometimes called a ‘deferred management fee’. You don’t have to pay this as an upfront or ongoing cost as it comes off the capital sum in your estate. There is an interest accumulation on this charge—but only for the first three years.

The third cost is variable according to the level of care and service you prefer or require. Perhaps you have your meals provided; you may want to access housekeeping services, and any extras you might like are charged on top of a flat weekly rate. This stays the same across your time at our retirement village Burnside location.

Security Levels at Christchurch Retirement Villages

Christchurch Retirement Villages offer various levels of security. The key to security levels is to ensure that privacy and independence are factored in alongside safety measures. At Russley Village, our residents are taken care of in ways that ensure discretion and safety go hand in hand.

Our grounds are discreetly monitored by a certified security team, and each apartment is fitted with a sprinkler system, smoke alarms and emergency call technology that will connect you to first responders.

What Facilities Are Offered? 

When you are looking at Christchurch Retirement Villages, be sure to get a rundown of all the facilities you can access. The Russley Village goes the extra mile in terms of facilities, where all our residents get to experience a retirement that includes luxury touches. These special facilities include a premium cinema space, an onsite cafe and brasserie, a full-sized bowling and croquet green, a petanque, a fully equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a spa complex.

We also have a community centre, quiet spaces to enjoy, gorgeous grounds to stroll through, and a library. You can use the salon and hairstylist, book with the nurse, and we have our own physiotherapist.

How Is The Emergency Support?

Knowing you can get emergency support 24/7, 365 days a week, adds up to increased peace of mind. The Russley Village is proud to be one of the Christchurch Retirement Villages with clinical staff on-site, so if a challenge crops up, we are equipped to deal with it quickly.

Are Staff Properly Trained?

All the Russley Village staff are trained to support and care for residents that require assistance properly. On top of clinical training, our staff understand the importance of hospitality and are discreet and welcoming around the grounds and common areas should you need them.

Get in Touch

Whatever you desire for your retirement, it’s sure to be covered at the Russley Village.

Get in touch today to chat about how we can accommodate you as you transition into your next exciting phase.


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