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A true talent in bloom

Perhaps the most endearing part of Russley Village resident Peter Gooding’s success is in fact not his stunning garden, but his unshakeable modesty.

Peter is a proud member of The Russley Village community and is understandably ‘camera shy’ when it comes to talking in detail about his many accolades.  A true gentleman, Peter is much more interested in showering the village and its residents in praise rather than talking about himself.

“Some retirement villages are regimented and you can’t please yourself with your garden, but here I have freedom, and was able to create an Old English garden, which involves covering all of the soil with plants.  Perennials that don’t need staking are my flowers of choice.  Many of the residents here have beautiful gardens.”

In 2017, Peter’s green fingered talents were recognised by the Hoffman Cup Awards run by the Christchurch Beautifying Association.  “The awards are for the whole of Christchurch – townhouses and flats specifically. I got second in this year’s cup.”

A “huge passion” for Peter and his late wife, gardening is a constant in Peter’s life, with the English native bringing a lot of plants from their original family home to his beautiful home at The Russley Village.

The kaleidoscope of colour in his garden catches the eye from all angles, with generous views from Roydvale Avenue as well.

With new gardening awards adorning Peter’s wall every year, all that remains is to watch this space. 

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