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How to reduce your carbon footprint

Every day our headlines are populated with warnings about anthropogenic climate change and its impact on our global environment.

Your carbon footprint – your impact on the environment – describes the amount of greenhouse gases you are responsible for creating through daily activities like driving a car or using power.

There are many ways you can play an important role in protecting the planet and managing the world’s resources more sustainably. Here are our top suggestions:
1. Unplug your devices: ‘vampire power’ is the analogy coined to describe the amount of energy electronics leech when they are plugged in but not operating. Unplug your tech when it’s not in use.
2. Walk the talk: where you can make short trips by walking instead of using your car, you are playing a key role in reducing car emissions.
3. Shop local: where you can, buying food, clothes or household items that are grown or made locally, helps to decrease the fossil fuels used to power the trucks, ships, trains and planes that power transportation.
4. Forgo fast fashion: landfills are filled to the brim with remnants of throwaway cultures. Dubbed ‘fast fashion’, the trendy but cheap styles that go in and out of vogue each season are wreaking havoc on our environment. Buying vintage or ethically manufactured clothes or classic pieces you know will last the test of time is a positive step forward.
5. Buy less: quality over quantity is really the philosophy here. Purchase only what you need and enjoy the benefits of a more minimalist living environment.
6. Switch off: turn the lights off when you leave the room. Little commitments like this can go a long way.
7. Purchase carbon offsets: when you fly, you have the choice to buy carbon offsets, which helps to fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emission.

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